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Gyotaku Prints

Here at Coastal Furniture, we love to support local artists. One of the most recent additions to our store is Gyotaku prints by local artist, Jim Roberts. The unique art form of printing fish comes from Japan and dates back to the mid-1800s!

The Japanese method of printing fish was first used by fishermen to record their catches. It's rumored that the prints were used by samurai to settle fishing competitions. Eventually, Gyotaku evolved as an art form.

The Gyotaku prints carried in our store, are done by Jim Roberts. Based out of Sarasota, Jim uses his experience as an angler and his background in design to create stunning works of art. He takes great attention to detail in choosing colors and paper that will accentuate the fish and bring it to life.

In our store, we focus on prints of fish that can be found right here in our waterways! Stop by the store to check them out.

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