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Home Decor Inspiration

Find your anchor, the inspiration for your space. Sometimes it's a print you found that has vibrant blues and aquas that instill the casual beach vibes you feel every time your toes touch the sand and the breeze dances across the breaking waves. It can be a neat lamp you brought from up North that is still funky and cool and is as unique as your style. There is no one answer to the question: "What should I put in my living space?"


Here at Coastal Furniture we start the same way each time we setup a vignette for our floor or decide on trends we show. Coming from the art world the most intimidating challenge to us was a perfectly blank canvas. Where do I start? What am I going to do with this space? Well fear not as there is no one correct answer and we will help find the best one for YOU. We can help you along the process of where you want to get and help you design a space as unique as you.


We are lifting the veil of our process with our inspiration boards we build to create the vignettes that have helped our customers design a truly Coastal space to call home for over 20 years. These are some of our recent favorites we have put together and we intend to add many more.

Henry Mist

Henry Mist Inspo.jpg

1. Galveston Lamp from Madison Avenue Furniture

2. Islamorada End Table from Sea Winds Trading

3. SW 6204 Sea Salt Paint by Sherwin Williams

4. 60 Club Chair from Stanley Chair / Fabric: Henry Mist

5. Annabel Sofa from Best Home Furnishings / Fabric: Denim

6. TDJ01-10 Tamara Day Collection Rug from Kaleen / Color: Denim

7. Islamorada Coffee Table from Sea Winds Trading

Octopus Print

Octopus Color Palette.jpg
Octopus Inspo.jpg

Shine Breeze

Shine Breeze Color Palette.jpg
Shine Breeze Inspo.jpg


Shennanigans Color Palette.jpg


juLY 4TH Color Palette.jpg
July 4th Inspo.jpg

Horace Spa

Horace Spa Color Palette.jpg
Horace Spa Inspo.jpg

Coastal Resort

Coastal Resort Color Palette.jpg
Coastal Resort Inspo.jpg


Delray Color Palette.jpg
Delray Inspiration.jpg

Boho Charcoal

Boho Charcoal Color Palette.jpg
Boho Charcoal Inspo-Recovered.jpg

Guinevere Chair

Guinevere Chair Color Palette.jpg
Guinevere Chair Inspo.jpg

Birds of a Feather

Bird Print Color Palette.png
Bird Print Inspo.png

Rosalie & Monterey

Lobo Sand Color Pallete.jpg
Lobo Sand Inspo.jpg
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