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Let us help you with a new rug

We have been carrying Jaipur Living Rugs for awhile now and we have been impressed with their numerous options they offer to our customers.

If you are looking to find a new indoor/outdoor rug, Jaipur Living offers many exciting colors and styles to compliment any style. Here at Coastal Furniture and Accessories we are not afraid of color and love the exciting color palettes! We put their indoor/outdoor options to the test right here in our store as entryway rugs.

Jaipur Living offers many indoor rug options that range from modern contemporary to traditional styling with everything in-between.

Our favorite part of Jaipur Living's user-friendly webpage:

is the ability to search by rug type, color, size and/or shape. You can see in the image below that we narrowed our search down from hundreds of options to 55 indoor/outdoor rugs that have blue as a color in their design.

If you prefer a more analogue approach to searching for your rugs we have numerous samples of some of our favorites right here in the store and a catalogue the size of a phone book with options to help you find the perfect rug for your home.

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